I believe in
treating your
best friends
as you would


Fenia’s Pawsome Story

I moved to London to study grooming, and educate myself more about dogs. Working as a part time dog walker, I just loved walking and playing with the dogs in the parks so I decided to stay in London and became a dog walker.

I was planning to eventually bring Attilas to London, where he would ‘work’ with me. Unfortunately Attilas got diagnosed with epilepsy and needed 24/7 care.

Our Tail Wagging Services

Lovely Long Walks

80 minutes of pure dedicated attention, affection and exercise, in a group or solo, based on your preference. But of course, I’m ever happy to take them on longer walks if time permits.

Group Walks


Pampered Dog Boarding / Sitting

Whether for a few hours or days, I’m all too happy to fill in for you when you are not around. Long walks, park visits and at-home cuddles guaranteed. And we give them a grooming session at the end too! The perfect five star four-legged holiday experience for your beloved pooch.


Extra Special Treats

All dogs who stay with us get groomed for free. We love a clean and beautiful doggo. If it’s their birthday, we celebrate with free-of-charge walks and a party at the park.

Our Pedigree of Care

Where We Roam

Drool Worthy Testimonials

We love being patted as much as our dogs do