I moved to London to study grooming, and educate myself more about dogs. Working as a part time dog walker, I just loved walking and playing with the dogs in the parks so I decided to stay in London and became a dog walker.

I was planning to eventually bring Attilas to London, where he would ‘work’ with me. Unfortunately Attilas got diagnosed with epilepsy and needed 24/7 care.

I decided to let my parents in Greece take over. He’s having a great time there. I try to visit Greece often to spend time with him and we enjoy our walks in the mountains together.


Attilas taught me how amazing it is to have a friend that you can share your life and make it more beautiful and funny, experience unconditional love and create unforgettable happy memories.

Because I can’t give my love to my best friend on a daily basis, I give it to my other 4 legged friends. Half my heart is there with him. I know how difficult it is for any dog parent to be separated from their best friend.

I promise to be there for your dog, just as I’d do for Attilas.