Fenia’s Friends have been walking Cali ever since we moved to London, and we couldn’t have wished for better dog walkers and new friends for her.

Cali was initially a little bit hesitant when moving to the city, but she has flourished since being in their care. Her walks are the highlight of her day, and she always comes back very content after her long runs in the parks with all her friends. We’d definitely recommend them wholeheartedly for anyone looking for genuinely caring, honest and experienced dog walkers.

Matthieu Vautrot

Fenia’s love for each and every dog in her care is beyond comprehension.  There is no one more loving, conscientious, skilled and dedicated to working with dogs than she.  Fenia has been taking care of Gunner and Tiger for years and I would trust them with no-one else!

Ann Joseph

Our Teddy absolutely adores Fenia and Alex and has a fantastic, fun-filled time on his walks with them and his doggy friends. We met Fenia a while ago now and she is an incredibly warm, helpful, kind and friendly person that clearly loves her work. She brings a smile to our faces and a happy wag in Teddy’s tail each time we see her. Nothing is difficult for Fenia and Alex and we feel that there is absolutely nobody out there who could look after our Teddy better than them.

Neda Boyle

Fenia came into our lives in March 2020, when I was advised to shield because of Covid-19. Up until then Milou, aged 13.5, had never been on a walk with anyone else but me. She was very nervous with strangers and didn’t trust anyone…

But Fenia spread her manic spell and a year later Milou enjoys her daily walks in the park with many other dogs and returns home full of joy.

I would recommend Fenia wholeheartedly  to anyone who’s looking for someone special to take care of their dog. She really loves what she does and you see that in your dog when they are back home. Above all she a good person with a diamond heart

Thaleia Florou

As soon as I met Fenia, I knew she was going to be “the one” for my little guy.  I was well aware that Puddy was not going to be the easiest to please as he was already very attached to me and only had one dog walker in all of his previous 11 years. Now, moving to a different country with all new sights and smells, I knew he needed someone warm, loving, and most of all patient. And boy did she have patience! Every day she would give me the full report on how “they” did at the park and without fail would end the conversation by saying, “I think we made progress” in the most upbeat, determined, and positive way despite his grumpiness. I’m happy to report that Pud now lovingly refers to Fenia as his girlfriend. He howls with excitement when he hears her voice. She is literally THE BEST!!! An altogether wonderful human being that just also happens to be THE BEST dog walker!!! (or is it the other way around)

Jessica Fiedler

I feel so lucky that I found Fenia and Alex!  They are both just lovely people with great positive energy and a love for dogs. My dog Miles loves his walks with Fenia and friends, seeing his wagging tail when he’s picked up is the best validation.  I’m often away for weekends and Fenia is my first go to person to leave my furry baby with.  I know he will be loved, taken care of and cuddled. Thanks Fenia!

Daljit Singh

For selfish reasons I wasn’t going to write this review, because if you have something good you want to keep it to yourself.

Fenia and Alex, a brother and sister team, are the Holy Grail of dog walkers, they are kind, loving, trustworthy and caring.

Chubby loves his walks with them and his 4 legged friends in Hyde Park.

Fenia has an Instagram page which she updates regularly and it’s fun to watch the dogs play.

But what I like most about Fenia and Alex is their caring nature. When I hand over Chubby’s leash to them to take him for his walks, I never worry about him, I know he will have a great time and they will look after him as if it was their own dog.

As I said I wanted to keep this duo a secret but sometimes I guess you have to share.

mohammad n zarin gailani

Lui is my fully baby. I deeply love Lui: he is not my dog, “he” is my heart. When Lui is not around I miss him and I suffer. But not if Lui is with Fenya. Fenya loves my baby as if he was hers, she cares. For real. And we all know that our pets are smart and real… and they feel love. Well, Lui knows that Fenya is family and every time he sees her – & Fenya’s friends – he is an explosion of joy and excitement!! What else can a hoomum want? I am so grateful that Fenya is in our lives and I would not leave Lui with anyone else but her. Fenya makes dogs happy!

Maria Caridi